Ai qing son:Chinese oil painting is not as good as Chinese football

18/11/2013 17:49


Ai qing son:Chinese oil painting is not as good as Chinese football
He is work in turnover exceeds thousands of Volvo, is now the most popular in the field of Chinese oil painting, this may enter the palace custom oil painting level artist, with unknown prominent family: contemporary art circle ai weiwei's most influential leaders call him do eldest brother, the two brothers their leader with realistic painting and contemporary art two camps, their father is the famous poet ai qing influenced generations of people.
Son to drink milk, father broke a cup of face to face, but who knows, one of his country and his nation is full of infinite deep feeling of the poet, he is indifference to his children? Father to son as feelings failure experiences a "landmark", and son just said he is the father of contraceptive failure accident. In hunan TV's "art players" recording program scene, artist ai openings, tells the story of the between father ai qing, for the first time in the story did not warm father and son, only hard growing up for life.
But also secretly write poetry, the son of a poet and there is a father's literature. Father ai qing was actually studying painting, obviously he painting failure, son ai is well. Ai in nearly 30 years, clung to a Tibetan subjects, infatuated with a realistic technique, with elegantly lonely, desolate picture with countless people custom portrait painting feel. Meet with Tibetan girl coincidence, achievement the classic image of the ai painting; Thirty years of pure friendship, create a painting. Because the art player program recording, the painter model for the first time out of the mountain to see the world, ai the first time I heard her loud voice.
Performed by the fine arts magazine editor ShangHui, HI art magazine in the producer side, composed of three people such as art, President Wang Yihan fraud group story listen to with relish to listen to ai, but the discussion to the artistic creation, the scene is divided. Brother from ai ai, to the "Chinese oil painting is not as good as Chinese football" criticism, eventually to detonate the ultimate big discussion of beauty and ugliness. In art circles there is no answer, all arguments are thought-provoking, the art players, has successfully let all defy, discontent, disdain, and confused attitude are fairly sound. Academic discussions already can need not with a straight face, it portrait painting can also like the art players live blowing beard dengwenjing

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