Four is not cave in art of oil painting work-related material storage condition and information

16/04/2017 23:17

Four is not cave in art of oil painting work-related accidents, s, size, material, storage condition and information such as the selling price. Shanghai cultural market administrative law enforcement team, changzhou city, jiangsu province cultural analysis of administrative law enforcement team part dry method in accordance with the law to Shanghai culture communication co., LTD., changzhou pangu art co., LTD. Oil painting fine administrative sanctions.
It is a business containing block content or fictional art. Such as Beijing sea art culture and art limited company stopped web, operation contains 8 to stop content of art, the Beijing municipal civilized market administrative law enforcement team confiscated in accordance with the sin of art, and to give administrative punishment of fine; Liao painting ning province tieling XXL one operating this spear head, turquoise, hongshan culture's accessories, such as fake artwork, tieling city, liaoning province cultural market analysis law enforcement team favor a fine in accordance with the law of administrative punishment.
5 it is not according to delimit the reserve has nothing to do with buying and selling of the original documents, sales treaty, parameter, such as ZiZhu sales records. Oil painting in weifang city, shandong province linqu county cultural market enforcement in accordance with the law to weifang Chen mu civilization give administrative punishment of fine for co., LTD.
2 it is operating justice, laws and regulations to stop buying and selling of animals, territory, state, such as metal, fossil for special works of art. Such as liaoning KuangQi art co., LTD., operating philosophy legislation to stop the screen of the fossils to stall of painting business, such as art, shenyang, liaoning province cultural market administrative enforcement team given fines for administrative sanctions in accordance with the law.
At 10:00 am on March 22, the ministry of culture at a message the first art oil painting reproductions market cases to investigate and punish the doctor conference. Civilization of culture market department deputy sentry member lu-ping liu introduced painting has five main kinds of the art market case issued by the engel's coefficient. Separation is operation contains stop contents or invented art, operating judicial, statutes prohibit trading animal fossils, corpus, decomposition, metal, etc will be permitted to work of art, do STH without authorization sales might be to use in addition to commercial form area without the approval of the administrative civilization oil painting a small piece of the entrance to the artwork, not the rectum by some who, s, size of artwork, the Koran, livelihood and selling price information such as the life, not according to defined rules and keep original credentials related to the buying and selling, trafficking in treaty, such as parameter, and almost sales record. Sweep Beijing sea art culture and art co., LTD. Public art oil painting department, lian wei kino civilization spread co., LTD., etc. Eight units.
3 it is spread by selling or dominating the other trade forms without cultural administration section allow the entrance to the works of art. Cultural market analysis law enforcement team, lianyungang city, jiangsu province chengdu city, custom oil painting sichuan province haizhou analyzes cultural administration law enforcement brigade row painting points in accordance with the law to shenzhen small peat civilization spread co., LTD, lianyungang city wei kino administrative punishment of fine for culture and art communication co., LTD.
This case is the first issued by the art market to carry out specific criterion of "art management method". Next, civilization will continue to strengthen the art market of oil painting supervisor entertainment, hand painted oil painting guide supervision and administration of the local culture of a small piece of and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies to art market into full scale content regulation, administrative guide and strengthen law enforcement, and lead the custody host operating according to regulation in accordance with the law. At the same time strengthening the policy laws and regulations, violations of laws and regulations and operation behavior, further standard art oil painting market operation order.

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