Just see paintings marked for advertising,my first reaction was that Dong Guoli will hype

05/11/2013 23:39

Just see paintings marked for advertising,my first reaction was that Dong Guoli will hype

The hype of fine arts, now already is nothing new in China. "Famous painter, liaoning art academies dean Wu Yunhua said, a year ago, one custom portrait painting of xu beihong's famous oil paintings" put down your whip "auction in Hong Kong, more than 7000 ten thousand yuan, this is the current Chinese painter painting of the auction price record, which is less than works hawking" oil painting for half the price.
Reporter is bing also saw, he not only has a "private collection bidding for contracts", "private collection business rental contract", and "private collection name to sponsor the contract". Some paintings of the personage inside course of study thinks, the real purpose of works is not to sell the painting, but after evoked curiosity about sky-high oil painting people, let a person to see, to rent, so he would make a lot of money, but someone to do or not, no one can give a definite answer.
The pain of grassroots oil painting
Through a lot of folk painting workshop painter that shenyang is too lack of "art factory", here although there is a size too small gallery, also custom pet portrait has the operation such as owner and agent market, however, does not speak with foreign than, only compared to Beijing, the difference is too far away.
"Now, many Chinese artists have set up their own art factory, in the factory, some ideas, looking for a selected topic, there are brokers, as well as relatively fixed gunmen or workers responsible for batch production." Wu Yunhua said that this kind of practice although often blame, but this is the need of The Times, is the need of many painters, shenyang foreign some painters are also coming from the road.
XiaoWei is thirty early, oil painting department cheap oil painting of authentic LuMei graduates. Saw reporters, XiaoWei is drawing a picture depicting the seismic oil painting works, he said to the reporter, this is to take part in the national arts exhibition, if got a prize, he can into the national artists association, a month can get fixed salary, but he said that even if he exhibited this picture really, also won't department of his name, the reason is that someone gave him enough to move the amount of money to make "gunmen".
"Really have no way to ah, not to live?" XiaoWei says he can when on a "gunmen" or one of his teacher to help find, has been painting for nearly two years. His painting is not good to sell, sell the highest also had one thousand yuan.
Talking to XiaoWei, can obviously feel he is helpless, this helpless from no name, no money, XiaoWei personal painting house is rented two rooms one hall's house, he said can't remember how many times for the rent, now is to teach children to paint in order to feed their families

works in shenyang city big east the area court case has been opening twice, Dong Guoli request return oil painting works. After the court hearing, in shenyang two newspapers, all at the same time appeared close to a version of the oil painting advertisement, content or the painting, the transfer floor oil painting price of $20.06 million, same as no Dong Guoli name