Russian oil painting can be said to be resplendent treasure of treasure house of art in world

12/12/2013 15:13


Russian oil painting can be said to be resplendent treasure of treasure house of art in world

The origin of the painting to art history throughout the world, its intrinsic and well with the different culture between east and west, with distinctive realism painting concept, rich connotation of rich Russian traditional culture. In recent years, with the increasing of cultural exchange between China and Russia, the Russian painting back into the vision of the Chinese people, more and more people begin to collect the Russian oil painting. If someone asked, most people who collect Russian painting in China, Harbin, heilongjiang province Wang Tongzhen had to offer. Wang Tongzhen began to collect the Russian painting in the 1980 s, we have accumulated collection of more than one thousand of Russia's top painter painting products. Recently, this reporter interviewed the famous Russian oil painting connoisseur collection, in order to collect and study Russian painting by him to change the trajectory of life.
Looking back with Russian oil painting,oil painting for sale by hand painted Wang Tongzhen that ground to say: "I grew up influenced by the Soviet culture art is too deep, the Soviet movies, listen to music from the Soviet union, the Soviet novel, then choose the architectural design of professional, is the result of a childhood." When it comes to painting, he is crazy, in his memory, is started painting in the 1960 s, when popular are all "Sue" oil painting, to the time of the well-known painter he is charting a batch of the Soviet union. Exposure to these well-known painter's works, the artists landscape sketch, colour is applied, and writing techniques so deeply in his mind, cultivate his art. After the Soviet union JieTi Wang Tongzhen accidentally into the Russian market circulation field. In order to survive, he saw many of oil painters threw many paintings, the market makes him out for the oil painting art of the precipitation, with his unique artistic eye found these at that time the people of the "national treasure" and painter outstanding works of historical value. To rescue and protect this batch of works, he side do their economic and trade business accumulation funds, side through friends introduction, searched to find the painter, died just, and the price is close enough to their oil painting work, living just to make friends with them, in-depth discussion and exchange of learning. In this way, in 40 years, he successively with Russia than 50 oil painting artists become attached to, and all their money, collected more than one thousand points series and plan painting works.
The historical value of Russian oil painting
In Wang Tongzhen collection Russian oil painting works of art, two-thirds of the oil painting has a history of important research value. Only by Russian artist association primorsky region branch - what don't fruit, Ivan - ray cukor, gold - walid, Ivan - YouQin husband, tile in the column - and nie, Ann so much - and he GuoFu six old oil painting artist, for example, some of them are in the former Soviet union honoured with the title of a socialist republic meritorious painter; Some not only as a communication academician of Russian art academy of sciences, has won the gold medal of the Russian art academy of sciences; Some or a people's artist of Russian federation, Russia's federal feats painter, member of institute of Russian art academies; Are separately in each of Russia exploits artist artists and people at the same time, respectively, the Russian republics of the exhibition committee, artists association and the painter branch his position as chairman. These artists qualification itself has a history of important research value, repin in among them there are many from the older generation of oil painters, suri KeFu, Xie Luofu, Mr Sirkin, maxi merv learning painting techniques, in the old master painting traditional painting style of the inheritance, contributing to the development of Russian oil paintings, many works are rare, provided valuable physical specimen for art study.
The above six painter works of art, which reflects the unique firsthand historical data about fei Ming in subject matter. As kirill 1975 - what fruit don't create a picture of paintings "communist party member conference". This oil painting is a major historical themes, reflect the Soviet union as its composition mainly on Stalin's 11 former Soviet senior leaders. Look from the composition, 11 characters of different gestures and facial expressions, and the mutual relationship should be between characters, show the artist's creative talents. Says from the technique, the painter with Russian traditional painting techniques, use of heavy oil painting brush strokes show the characteristics of the historical themes. On colour is applied, the whole picture and tone to use it properly, forms a perfect harmony of the scene atmosphere, watch the render of the oil painting, put people into the artistic conception of history s memory. Russian oil painting academic value
Russia's oil paintings, academic value embodies in the following several aspects:
First, the painter most engaged in all kinds of the former Soviet union and Russia university art institute of higher learning education work, is, associate professor and leadership positions. In more than 50 oil painting in the home, a third of the painter has successively served as art academy of fine arts education work. Among them, kirill - what don't fruit not only as the art academy in Russia, or drawing and sketch, custom couple portrait painting USA a professor of Russian art academy of sciences awarded the gold medal. Ivan - ray, cukor not only in the repin academy of fine arts education job, or a member of Russia's institute of art academies, was awarded the painter's exploits painters and people. Tile even gold - cut sparda John, from 1954 to 1960, a graduate student in school of painting, sculpture, architecture, art, art institute in Russia - leaves - repin graphics department took lessons in Iraq, and exquisite completed - o - barlow graphics of professional, in 1960 by the federal republic of the ministry of culture sent to Vladivostok to art school as a professor. Pooh amin - GanQia even after graduated from the art institute of Russian, 1973 Ren Fu lardy vostok city normal school principals to the far east. These artists in the art gallery, are advocating academic teaching and art creation. As a result, their works are of great value in academic research

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