Special DuoYunXuan art gallery in autumn painting sculpture fine appreciation is presented to audience

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Special DuoYunXuan art gallery in autumn painting sculpture fine appreciation is presented to audience

Shanghai DuoYunXuan 2011 autumn auction special painting sculpture boutiques carnival, excellent work. The auction painting sculpture plates for collectors laid "hangzhou YiZhuan", "Duo English broadcast daily",oil painting reproductions by hand painted in china  "after the 89 art", "realistic masters", "color art scene - new recommended", "star shining - sculpture project" and so on six big characteristic plate, era context, traditional and contemporary, anticipated very much! In addition, the new "star shining - sculpture project" strong, Pan Xi soft, Zhong Zhiyuan, such as the older generation of sculptors, as well as SuiJianGuo, Ceng Chenggang, Shi Jin Song, yu higher for representative of middle-aged and young sculptors are strong.
Wu guanzhong fishing port paint wood 46 1976 x 1976 cm
Published: 2006 autumn auction, China international auction co., LTD.
"The collection investment" in September 2011.
Attachment: on July 1, 2008, wu guanzhong I identify the composition of picture and audio recordings
Su Tianci lijiang cloud paint canvas in 1994 1994 x 77 cm
Publishing: "Asian artists" sixth period, China academy of fine arts publishing house, on page 27, 1994.
Exhibition: "Chinese modern oil painting exhibition, professor Su Tianci oil painting exhibition", Singapore, in December 1994.
Attached: bond
Lin Fengmian water scene in the 80 s colors printed 67.7 x 69.8 cm
Selection of Chinese artists: (5) - Lin Fengmian, mountain art cultural foundation, chart 07199 for five years.
Selection of mountain artist (6) - 95 Lin Fengmian solo album ", mountain art cultural foundation, chart 11199 for five years.
Album THE PAINTINGS OF Lin Fengmian LIN FENG - MIEN, mountain art cultural foundation, chart 30199 for five years.
"Lin Fengmian ink painting,", sun yat-sen memorial hall on May 22, 1995 - May 31;
"Lin Fengmian ink solo exhibition", yanhuang art museum, kaohsiung on July 1, 1995 - July 23.
Source: Hong Kong ZhongQiao air art center.
On March 26, 1928, China's first national university of arts - west lake national arts was proclaimed, Lin Fengmian became the first President, to "freedom of thought, inclusive" for school policy, to "introduce western art! Arrange Chinese art! Mediate between Chinese and western art. Art creation era!" As the academic goal, to promote the art of east new born, and produce many has the tendency of modern art painter. The launch of the "hangzhou YiZhuan" plate, covers Lin Fengmian, Wu Dayu, zhao, wu guanzhong, zhu dequn, Su Tianci, XiDeJin, inherited the context and bright, custom wedding portrait painting from photos in the form of intuitive reproduce the Lin Fengmian and the development of the students on academic coherence and refuse conformism exuberant creativity. The Lin Fengmian carefully introduced the three colors of the products, covering the landscapes, still life, ladies, and other subjects. The creation in the early 80 s the "still life" and the girl on the sofa, was included in 1983 Hong Kong artist artist magazine publishing house; Stanford university press in 1988 published "theory of modern artists, art, work, life - Lin Fengmian"; Of calligraphy and painting publishing house of Shanghai in 1997, the Chinese art exhibition entirety: Lin Fengmian volume ". In 2004, Shanghai people's fine arts publishing house "Duo English broadcast daily" and so on. 1982 "water" the picture tranquility, shrouded in a layer of light loneliness, like a pastoral lyric poetry. Is a typical works of "the wind sleeping body", and has repeatedly description show. Wu guanzhong "fishing port in 1976, the picture color pure clear, with line model, on the island of rock was used effect drawing, has the unique charm of traditional Chinese ink painting, is wu's early masterpiece. Zao "24-06-59" painted in 1959, in the gray smoke Yun oracle's symbol JieTi has gradually liberated, picture MingMeng inside collect, depressed style down, is the typical works during the period of transition, has the very high academic, and the collection value. Su Tianci "lijiang cloud" and "the west lake in the autumn of brushwork, shu lang indifferent, don't be a shareholder.
And the echo of the "Duo broadcast daily English" plate, is based on the famous high-quality goods and learning continuous line. "Lijiang xiuse" is his "years footprint - XiaoFeng, Song Ren tour" XiaoFeng important work in images using the technique of spring, the Chinese landscape composition processing and flavor into the oil paintings, the painter to commune with nature glance interest. "High mountain girl" is "su" mentor QuanShanShi a masterpiece in recent years, solid capability and full-bodied art oil painting language, representative characteristics. In addition, TuKe, Zhou Bichu, Chen Junde, MinXiWen, Cai Liang, Jin Yide, a number of senior artists such as Huang Guanyu also has the description is clear, extremely collection value of art treasures

large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about

wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring 

total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting