Tony Sin Heng born in 1973 in Singapore,Graduated from European oil painting research institute

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Tony Sin Heng born in 1973 in Singapore,Graduated from European oil painting research institute

(European Graduate School), is the study of custom oil painting art aesthetics Yves Alain - Bois (France), Victor Burgin (UK) and Sophie Calle (France). Undergraduate course, master of philosophy, philosophy and literature at the National University of Singapore (National University of Singapore), is engaged mainly in Monash University international research and political study, also in Singapore Nanyang college of art (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) is engaged in the research and teaching art aesthetics.
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Deleuze (as) is a attaches great importance to the philosophers of art. In his book Francis Bacon: the logic of feelings not mentioned in the equality of art and philosophy, and emphasizes the basic problems of art is not to copy or create form, but rather in the cohesive forces. [1] the art of "power"? This power come from? This article by deleuze's feeling logic concept to explore deleuze for oil painting, visual and creative point of view. We have to get the new definition of art and the artist's creativity source of (Chinese).
{a} Cezanne: touch the painter
Deleuze think Cezanne (Cezanne) was the founder of the modern history of oil painting a very important. Deleuze view of Cezanne is based custom portrait painting on matty's (Henri Maldiney) on the basis of the theory of. Matty, Cezanne is considered a "feel" painter, a painter draw the touch of the invisible. In other words, he is an able to take advantage of the technique of painting make the touch of the intangible tangible visual art painter (to render the invisible visible). He do, the purpose of the painter is not draw to see things, but draw feeling. Matty, think Cezanne's painting from a without rational processing of "Chaos" (Chaos) directly came out of it. Matty, use two time to analyze the process - in the first moment, poured out of shape from the chaos; In the second time, color also broke out from the chaos. During the process of the combination of shape and color, formed a kind of the rhythm of the "basic" (fundamental wrote). The "rhythm" made by Cezanne's creation than any other oil painting was particularly lively with vitality. Cezanne itself once pointed out, he painted in red clay as (abyss) emerged from the depths of feeling, full of infinite power. [2] deleuze perception of Cezanne and matty is same, Cezanne's charismatic place lies in his ability to make the touch of the intangible tangible

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