When Chinese modern oil painting has set a day price,by domestic and foreign various collectors passionately

24/12/2013 16:01


When Chinese modern oil painting has set a day price,by domestic and foreign various collectors passionately

As a painting technology for painting as early as the Ming dynasty has spread to China, but the real painting art in Chinese art history is only one hundred years. , Chinese oil painting prehistoric "old painting" produced by half a century, in a long time, has been in a state of neglect. And some of it is focused on this area. Jinan collectors, jas zhai gallery director Xu Guowei is the domestic well-known "old painting" fan, already collected more than 200 of the "old painting". He also study of the collection, editing, publishing and promotion, is the author of "touch history · the pioneers of China's western painting" and so on.
"Old oil painting" the early Chinese oil painting art and historical value
In Xu Guowei book touching history · the pioneers of China's western painting ", a collection of many "old oil painting", custom portrait from china oil painting supplier is his own collection. Why will fall in love with "old painting" collection? Xu Guowei good talk. "First the old oil painting has its unique artistic value, represents the union of the two cultures, is the crystallization of the artistic essence of east and west. In the late 19th century early 20th century, a group of young aspiring ambition makes every effort to improve the traditional Chinese painting to go abroad to study, learning western painting techniques and ideas. They directly by western art during the study in master's guidance. The painter has high Chinese culture at the same time, such as Li Tiefu, Feng Gangbai, Lin Fengmian, xu beihong, Li Chaoshi, Dai Bingxin, Li Shutong, Lv Yanzhi etc. Chinese traditional culture spirit and the collision of western painting techniques, the fusion of Chinese and western in the true sense, it is the embodiment of the early Chinese oil painting art value."
Accept western fine arts education in the first study in a foreign country painter Li Tiefu, strict in the sense of Chinese oil painting art creation time and soon, only more than one hundred years ago. custom house portrait painting USA Can collect Xu Guowei argues, "the old oil painting", intuitive perception oil painting development the most primitive state, architectural history of oil painting images of the east. And the Chinese traditional painting, various in form, the time span is great, single-handedly treasured works and can into the system, the goal was unreachable. By contrast, the overall study of "old painting" treasured works easier.
Xu Guowei value most, or "old painting" of historical value. "Old oil painting", he thought, at the start stage of Chinese oil painting, with the imprint of The Times, at the same time, these "old painting" is part of the art history, to enrich the modern Chinese history of fine arts has an irreplaceable significance. "My collection of shandong painter Lv Yanzhi landscape, for example, is currently the only known lushi known examples of art, it also highlights the uniqueness of the historical data, it provides a physical evidence of modern Chinese art history, has added the meaning of Chinese art history.

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