XiaoWei admit himself current level of oil painting is not top

05/11/2013 23:41

XiaoWei admit himself current level of oil painting is not top

Can let he is unbalanced, why so many three or four circulations painter painting can be worth than his paintings, why give famous when Arsenal's custom oil painting income, rather than he stuffy every day dozens of times higher income to paint in the studio?
Between money and art "exile"
The word "community" lies, of the art market in recent years the domestic high frequency. What is a community of "lies"? An auction house in shenyang general manager Li Shumin introduction: artists, galleries, auction houses together, to operate work auction, the combination of them, is a community of "lies".
Many artists and auction companies, he says, huh, some artists directly involved in auction even director, please themselves to auction, only to earn high reputation and attract media attention, year after year, so their works will go higher on the base of this year, even if very general works, make the community of "lies" shoot for three years, to eight hundred thousand is a very easy thing to do.
Countless Li Shumin said he handles made of custom portrait painting and calligraphy, sometimes, such a "community" in the early development of the market is very necessary, nearly three years, domestic also includes shenyang appeared many so-called day price or high art value, in a few party get maximum benefit, also greatly improve the author and the region's popularity, the shenyang ShuHuaJie also need such a "special way".
Wu Yunhua very against such "community". , he says, the current art market in shenyang, there are shortcomings, lies in the serious lack of supervision and criticism, for example, works for painting unexpectedly someone to advertise, the good and evil people mixed up such can only lead to art market, make real art loses its value

works in shenyang city big east the area court case has been opening twice, Dong Guoli request return oil painting works. After the court hearing, in shenyang two newspapers, all at the same time appeared close to a version of the oil painting advertisement, content or the painting, the transfer floor oil painting price of $20.06 million, same as no Dong Guoli name