YiYiDi realism vernacular painting is his running method

08/11/2013 23:54


YiYiDi realism vernacular painting is his running method

On the ontology, his paintings have impressionism optical surfaces, these rich in abundant he light games build full-bodiedly characters custom oil painting and life; There is also a classical and elegant and exquisite, pay attention to the depict of detail and color transition, create a soft and fresh; Imagery and symbolism to reveal the philosophy of life; There are expressionism return with subjective colour lining psychological and emotional; The solidification techniques in ontology, digestion in a huge thick realism provides local, "serve the artist about showing the general theme of life, is for life and spirit, and the earth to find, find and express and acura." His performance this constant with canvas local theme works, if use the history and development point of view, just have a pioneering and modernity. Modernity activated by baudelaire, it has experienced the evolution of complex: the connotation of modernity is relatively stable, and its extension in the constantly changing. In other words: is the art of artist free inquiry process, pioneering modernity is an artist free exploration of art as a result, the inclusion of modernity in pioneering, greater than the pioneering. "Modernity is short, fragile, accidental, half of it is art, art of the other half is eternal and unchanging." Independent of people about local handmade oil painting is "short" "accident" and "fragile", which is the embodiment of the movement of time and space, also is the embodiment of the thought processes, and half of the "art", dialectically expounds the connotation and denotation of modernity, its "half is eternal and unchanging", namely that modernity has the freedom to explore in the process of degeneration and instability, and relatively stable result of art; Local paintings are cultural history (or art) established by the art results; Art results continuously into the cultural history (or art), cultural history (or art) are constantly artist (or a painter) create, rich, impeachment, and rewrite; Local painting (or local realism painting) is a cultural history (or art), MaiMaiDi • YiYiDi vernacular painting (or local realism painting) is a cultural history (or art) molecules. "Poets or artists in their time has a lot of readers, it is not important, important is he in the future every generation has a personality is very small in the audience." Modern and future will become history, history is the modernity; "Every generation has a personality is very small in the audience" is the modernity, this is inherited is modernity.
In history and future of exchange, on the antagonism of sticking to and retreat, in agriculture and urban divide MaiMaiDi • YiYiDi local oil is a natural rhythm and developing daily as the unit of life, and is in the context of the modern alternating update, bizarre idea of oil painting concept and the impact of the oil painting form holds a conservative, is "convinced that castle peak does not relax, tube it southeast northwest wind" confrontation; This conservative, but also to explore, in constant should be the ability to change, firmly established MaiMaiDi YiYiDi painting world, exist in this world can always explore the local and native prominent art results: native modernity. MaiMaiDi • YiYiDi painting provides us with the agriculture, agriculture and industry experience, agriculture and city more experience, the experience and age, in the way that a SuoYuan effect, roots effect on the body, and the strange effect, on the vision with the industrial age and the method of urban age coexist and ontology. This SuoYuan effect, the effect of roots and strange effect, effective in any art of an era; Effective in any era, is the modernity

If you include oil painting, colors and good oil painting works of wu guanzhong two colors, 2005 millions, and the price is the total oil painting is 9 pieces. It is worth noting that the 9 pieces are classic (oil painting, red classics), contemporary oil painting works did not appear a such a high price